Universiteit Maastricht

The Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to offer international talent from emerging markets the opportunity to take a top degree in Maastricht, which will benefit their country of origin as well as the European region. This is an initiative all of us can relate to – after all, such international talent has the potential to generate dynamism in knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship in our environment. The initiative also strongly enhances the position of UM as a European university, which will have a positive effect on the surrounding region. In short, this is a great cause that will benefit the futures of all parties involved.

With the aid of gifts from individuals and the corporate sector, the Fund hopes to raise sufficient funds in the coming three years to award 40 UM scholarships on a yearly basis. Special programmes ensure that this target is met: companies will be given the opportunity to support this cause through Business Scholarships; for the region hit by the tsunami the ‘Shelling out for Scholarships’ programme was especially developed; and UM staff and alumni selected the Scholarship Fund as their good cause in running the New York City Marathon.

The first students sponsored by the Scholarship Fund started master’s programmes at Maastricht University in September 2005, which was made possible by donations from both the business sector and individuals.