Universiteit Maastricht

Donors & sponsors

Maastricht University (UM) is a continual source of groundbreaking research and initiatives. However, the financial means that universities receive from governments or for promising research from grants, prizes and contract research agreements are not always enough to fulfil urgent needs. Also, UM sometimes wants to take that extra step in order to provide opportunities for the academic world, and thus also society.

Against this backdrop, UM is seeking – on a continual basis, but particularly when special projects are on the horizon – possibilities to supplement its 'regular' financial means. For this reason, it also hopes for support from parties in society.

Usually, we are looking for financial support for specific research projects that are of vital importance for UM. But it can also concern, for example, special professorial chairs, scholarships for excellent students, or funding for certain facilities or equipment.

The Executive Board sees the Limburg University Fund/SWOL as its ‘leading partner’ in acquiring private funds from companies, institutions, alumni, students and individuals who want to see UM (or academia in general) prosper.

The Limburg University Fund/SWOL was set up in 1965 and stood at the basis of Maastricht University (formerly Rijksuniversiteit Limburg). Since then, it has helped UM to develop into an internationally recognised, outstanding university.

The board of the Limburg University Fund/SWOL kindly invites companies, staff members, alumni, students and other interested parties to get involved in financially supporting the fund, and with it also the university.

To this end, if you would like more information about the Limburg University Fund/SWOL, how the fund supports UM, and how you can support the university – including for very specific goals – please visit the Limburg University Fund/SWOL website.

Please see an overview of companies and organizations supporting the University Fund.