Universiteit Maastricht

Donating to science

Maastricht University (UM)  conducts core research which is ranked among the top in the Netherlands and abroad. UM’s research portfolio focuses on multidisciplinary, interfaculty research in three areas: Learning and Innovation, Quality of Life, and Europe and a Globalising World. The emphasis on these three ‘grand’ themes helps to give direction to the development of our research, but at the same time allows room for new, groundbreaking and innovative research, be it fundamental or applied. Donations are of crucial importance for our education and research.

Dutch universities have an international reputation as research universities. Despite its short history, UM has reached a top position in research and is renowned for its innovative education, namely through Problem-Based Learning and international classroom. Nonetheless, charitable donations as well as third-party funding have a crucial impact on the development of UM education and research.

Limburg University Fund

The Limburg University Fund/SWOL is UM’s ‘leading partner’ in acquiring private funds from companies, institutions, alumni, students, foundations and philanthropists who care about science in general and want to see UM’s research and education develop.

Visit the Limburg University Fund/SWOL website for more information.