Universiteit Maastricht


We, the Maastricht University community, affirm our commitment to protect and enhance the environment through our learning, research, service and administrative operations. We seek to foster a community that sustains ecological systems and educates for environmental awareness, local action, and global thinking. We seek to incorporate environmental principles and environmentally responsible practices as fundamental and integrated components of all Maastricht University operations and programs. Our fundamental principles are to:

  • incorporate environmental concerns as a significant priority in university decision making;
  • seek alternative practices and procedures to minimize negative impacts on the environment;
  • conserve natural resources and restore environmental quality in our region;
  • consider the social, economic and environmental impacts of Maastricht University's operational policies and foster a participatory process in developing these policies.


Our decisions and actions will be guided by the University's Mission Statement, reflective of our resources, and informed by our Strategic Program. As a learning institution, we recognize that planning for sustainability will be an evolving practice.