Universiteit Maastricht

Inspired by talent

Maastricht University's strategic programme 2007-2010

Talent is a natural aptitude. It is a human characteristic that contributes to the success of an organisation, on condition that it is recognised, given space and rewarded. Talent has been at the core of Maastricht University ever since it was founded. Its teaching system that paves the way for quality students; its international and innovative atmosphere that fosters excellent academics; and its policy helps dedicated staff achieve their aspirations.

Maastricht University is an internationally-oriented university that focuses on:

  • a distinctive portfolio of degree programmes, which is of European top quality
  • high-quality research centering on a limited number of research topics
  • active collaboration with companies and institutions
  • contributing to the development of the (Eu)region to which the Limburg province belongs

You can download the full Strategic Programme 2007/10 or a summary in pdf (the English text can be found below the Dutch text).