Universiteit Maastricht

Maastricht Centre for Taxation

Master's programmes in English

We offer two specializations in English as part of our master programs in tax law and fiscal economics:

Both programmes contain a common core of obligatory tax courses in corporate taxation, international and European taxation, European tax policy as well as international tax planning and transfer pricing.

Apart from this common core the LL.M programme offers the opportunity to follow a number of additional (tax) law courses in VAT, cross-border taxation of workers, international trade law and/or comparative company law, while the MSc programme will focus on issues of tax accounting and finance.

Please use the links above for more information about these programmes. Be advised that the LL.M programme may require candidates to take an entrance test to ensure that a potential student has a basic knowledge of general tax law issues, for instance of the tax system in his country of origin or previous studies. The MSc programme requires a basic knowledge of accounting, finance and statistics. A TOEFL-test is required for both programmes.