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Montesquieu Institute Maastricht University


Founded in 2007, the Montesquieu Institute Maastricht is a research centre for European and comparative parliamentary studies. The Institute brings together UM researchers working in the areas of European and comparative constitutional law and politics.

Research Profile
The Institute’s research focus is based on the notion that comparative research of parliamentary systems in Europe can help to find, articulate, analyse and develop common traditions, principles and practices in the field of parliamentary procedures and democratic decisionmaking. The process of European integration and democratisation is built on these shared national experiences, as articulated by Article 6 of the EU Treaty. At the same time, national parliamentary systems are influenced by developments at the European level, which underlines the need for national parliaments to develop a better understanding of democratic principles and procedures in other member states and in the EU itself. Read more

Partner Programmes and Initiatives
The Institute and its research fellows contribute to several other research programmes, projects and initiatives at Maastricht University, including the Ius Commune programme, the EuNaCon project and the Administrative Governance programme. Read more.