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Geert Hofstede chair on Cultural Diversity

On 1 June 2006, during a symposium on Cultural Diversity, professor Mark. F. Peterson accepted the distinction to be the first chair holder on the Geert Hofstede Chair on Cultural Diversity. Prof. Peterson, Internet Coast Adams Professor of Management and International Business at Florida Atlantic University, published frequently about the influence of cultures and international relations in the management style of organizations.

Prof.dr. Geert Hofstede, emeritus Professor of Organizational Anthropology and International Management at the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration / Universiteit Maastricht Business School is internationally the most cited professor among Dutch economists. This was shown in the annual ESB citation index, which was recently published. This year’s index focuses on the top-30 citations over the period 1999 – 2003. With 3240 citations, Hofstede’s work in the field of organizational culture leaves other economists far behind.

From 1985, until his retirement in 1993, Hofstede was a professor at the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration of Universiteit Maastricht. His book ‘Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind’, first published in 1991 and in 2005 republished in a completely revised edition, is regarded as the standard book for social economic sciences. When working for the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration Hofstede was at the cradle of many international study programmes and cooperations with Euregional universities. Now, the FE&BA is renowned worldwide for its small-scale, student activating educational approach, its internationally acknowledged and accredited English study programmes and the excellent possibilities it offers students to study abroad at universities in the USA, Canada, Asia or Europe. For students in economics or business administration programmes, who live in a globalizing world, it is essential to become experienced in cultural diversity. In the year that Universiteit Maastricht celebrates its 30th birthday, a special chair on Cultural Diversity, named after Geert Hofstede, has been installed.

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