Universiteit Maastricht

School of Business and Economics

A Brief History of the Department of Organization and Strategy

The Department of Organization and Strategy of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics was founded in September 2002 as the result of a merger between the Organization and Strategy section of the Department of Management Sciences. At the moment, we are responsible for three master’s programs: Entrepreneurship & SME Management, Organization and Strategy & Innovation. In addition, we participate in the Business Intelligence and Management of Learning master programs.  


Our department participates in two of the Schools’ six research themes: Development and Utilization of Human Resources (DUHR) and Technology, Innovation and Industry Dynamics (TIID). Part of our research is conducted in conjunction with the Research Centre for Education and the Labor Market (ROA) and the Maastricht Economics and Social Research and Training Centre on Innovation and Technology (UNU-Merit). Moreover, there is close cooperation with the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E) and the Network Social Innovation (NSI). In the recent past, we have hosted the EGOS, EIBA and RENT international conferences.