Universiteit Maastricht

School of Business and Economics

Business Relations

As a research team, we act as a bridge between education and the business world. We are inspired by the problems that companies face and apply the highest research standards to gain insights into a situation. We emphasise cooperation with both the corporate sector and social organisations to benefit from each others’ knowledge. We invite you to become our partner and to enjoy the benefits of:

  • Student recruitment
    • Worldwide, top companies have rated the standard of education at our department highly. We offer our partners premium access to our best students. Furthermore, we promote close cooperation between our partners and students via internships, thesis research, and project research within our courses.
  • Knowledge acquisition
    • Our department has a long history of sharing knowledge with practice. Our key research areas encompass (1) Food and Health, (2) Services, (3) Networks and Innovation and (4) Digital Marketing.

  • Network promotion
    • We are eager to help you build on-campus visibility. Our partnerships with companies are communicated via internal and external promotion. This includes company visibility on our website and brochures, and during our official lectures and presentations.

For more information, please contact Caroline Goukens (c.goukens@maastrichtuniversity.nl, +31 43 38 84 825).