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The Maastricht Accounting, Auditing & Information Management Research Center (MARC) is the research center of the department of Accounting and Information Management. MARC is one of the leading European research centers in accounting and has an excellent reputation internationally due to its international orientation, strong research focus, and impact. Although the center was originally founded as an audit research institute in 1992, it soon successfully extended its focus to financial and managerial accounting research. The main research question of interest is how issues of measurement, disclosure, and assurance, i.e., accounting as a discipline, relate to hidden information and hidden action problems within the firm and between the firm and external parties. Special attention is given to accounting information as an important subset of information and the focus is on economics-based, quantitative empirical research. Since early 2000, MARC also performs research in the area of information management and its links with accounting.

MARC Research Fellows, Publications, and Seminars

The research fellows of MARC are members of the Department of Accounting and Information Management who have a Ph.D. degree and actively publish in academic journals. A list of recent academic publications is available on this website. MARC regularly organizes research seminars where outside speakers present their research. These seminars are generally on Wednesdays. A list of scheduled research seminars can be found on this website. For more information contact the seminar organizer, Ann Vanstraelen.


MARC is one of the four members of the international network organizing the International Symposium on Audit Research (ISAR) and one of the three members of the international network organizing the European Conference on Accounting Information Systems (ECAIS) and the International Research Symposium on Accounting Information Systems (IRSAIS).

MARC Commissioned Research Projects

The research fellows of MARC are all trained academic researchers, but also have much experience in applied commissioned research. A description of recent commissioned research studies that MARC has undertaken can be found on our website. If you wish to enquire about the possibility of letting our research center design and execute your research project, please contact our program office: programoffice-sbe@maastrichtuniversity.nl