Universiteit Maastricht

School of Business and Economics




The MSCM research programme acts as a bridge between education and the business world. It is fueled by the problems that companies face and centers on the application of the highest research standards to gain insights into a situation. The aim of the MSCM programme is to further understanding of  strategies and best practices that businesses and institutions as well as consumers can resort to in order to meet with the challenges posed in today’s market place. In the programme the focus is cooperation with both the corporate sector and social organisations in order to be able to mutually benefit from knowledge and experience. The programme has a world-wide and long-standing reputation of doing relevant research in the following key areas:

  • Food and Health
  • Services
  • Networks and Innovation
  • Marketing Modeling.

Our partnerships with stakehoders range from public to private companies. 


Programme leader: Prof. Ko de Ruyter