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Maastricht University (UM) is a European university with a strong international outlook. Cherishing and stimulating talented people and creating opportunities for innovative education and research relevant to today’s society are our core values.

Problem-Based Learning
At Maastricht University, we believe that education should be centred on you, the student. And to us, you're not one of many master's students filling a seat in a crowded lecture hall. Instead, you're a contributing member of our academic community. You work in small groups that together seek solutions to real world problems. This means that you are continuously exchanging knowledge, experiences and opinions with your fellow students as well as the academic staff. This way of cooperative learning is called Problem-Based Learning (PBL). It is driven by a spirit of inquiry that motivates you to go deeper than memorisation and a shallow understanding of concepts.

An international perspective
To study in Maastricht is to study with an international perspective. When compared to other universities in the Netherlands and its surrounding countries, Maastricht University has the highest ratio of international students, representing all corners of the globe. More than half of our master's students come from outside the Netherlands, and this international flavour is infused into every aspect of our education and student life.

Leading in Learning: New Leadership
UM trains the leaders of tomorrow. How? Watch the video below for the answer.

Code of conduct
Maastricht University is a signatory of the "Code of conduct with respect to international students in Dutch higher education". More information about this code is available at the International Study website or via direct download (PDF 65.6KB) (dutch only).