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School of Business and Economics


Webmail instructions

After registration you will receive an email containing your Maastricht University ID number and your password. With this UM ID number and password you will be able to log-on to your Maastricht University email account. We (the International Relations Office) will only send e-mails to this address AFTER the start of the semester. Before that time we will use the e-mail address you provided in your on-line application form.

If you want you can check this e-mail using the following link:


You will see the following log-on screen (might be in Dutch depending on your settings):

Webmail screen

User name: your Student ID number; this is the letter i plus seven digits
Password = password (eight digits)

You will receive this information via the email address you provided on-line to us.

Click to Log On to get access to your personal account.

The e-mail system used by SBE is OUTLOOK.

You will receive more information about using the student account during the introduction day.

NOTE: access to your Maastricht University account remains possible until about 60 days after your registration as exchange student has ended. If you need to download or copy information from your account do so before it closes down.