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Please bear in mind that once you have registered for a course it will show up on your transcript at the end of your exchange unless you cancel this course before the course registration deadline or in the first  week of education. Also, if you did not cancel the course and decide not to take the exam, the course will still show up on your transcript with NG, which means “no grade”.

Please be aware that language courses are not part of the SBE curriculum. Therefore the grade of your course will not be mentioned on your SBE exchange transcript. However, you will receive a separate Proof of Participation from the language center itself. Before you enroll in a language course please contact your home university to find out whether or not they acknowledge the grade/credits earned for a language course.

What is our grading system?
Grades range from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest score. It should be noted that a 10 is very rarely scored (less than 1% of students and this is not a typing mistake). In general students who fail to take the exam will get a "0" or a "1" or a "NG" for the course. Grades 1 to 5.4 constitute a fail grade; grades 5.5 and higher are pass grades. A "NG" constitutes that the student did not attend the exam, did not pass the exam or did not pass all components of the course.

When will I receive my grades?
If you come for the first semester (or FALL semester; starting in August/September) the transcript will be sent out in March the following year, as the semester ends with the non-compulsory Skills training and we will have to wait for the actual end of the semester. The Skills training ends around the end of January. After the exams are corrected and the grades are put into the system we can start processing the transcripts.

If you come for a full academic year, or you come for the second semester (or Spring semester; starting at the end of January) then the transcript will be sent around the end of August. Again, we will have to wait for the results of the Skills training to be entered into the system, which will take a number of weeks.

How will I receive my grades?
An electronic version of your grade transcript will be sent automatically and directly to your home university. The original hard copy will be sent to your home university. It is up to the home university to give you the original transcript or to issue certified copies. We do not issue more than one original.

What if I find out I failed a course when I have already returned to my home country?
Unfortunately the exams committee at Maastricht University does not allow us to fax the re-examination to your home institution. The coordinator at your home institution has been notified of this rule. This means that you will have to return to Maastricht to do the re-examination or you will have to discuss matters with your coordinator.

What if I need my grades earlier because I need them to graduate?
We are truly sorry, and we do understand your predicament as our students meet the same problems when they go abroad, but we can not issue preliminary transcripts. All we can do is make a printout of whatever we have in the system, sign it and put an official stamp on it, and fax or email this to your home institution.

If you merely want to see what your results were, you can also check this via MY UM > courses > Academic Work.  Your "My UM" account remains valid for about 60 days after your registration has ended.