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Exams, resits & ECTS credits

Students are automatically registered for the first exam of the courses they register for in MY UM.

The form of examination differs widely per course. In most cases, the students have to pass a written or oral examination at the end of the course. During the course, the students are usually required to write papers and/or to give presentations. Exchange students are automatically registered for the exams of the courses they have signed up for via MY UM.

The form of examination is mentioned in the course database and is also described in detail in relevant course information on EleUM. NOTE: the method of examination as per the relevant EleUM page may be different as the one described in the database! The information on EleUM is final.

The individual results are available 15 working days after the examination via Internet (check your MY UM or ELEUM page http://eleum.unimaas.nl, more information about this site later). If the student meets the obligations set by the examiners, he or she obtains 6,5 ECTS credits (in case of Skills training this is 4 ECTS credits).

Please note that the Examination Rules such as they have been agreed upon by the Board of Examiners at Maastricht University have to be obeyed. More information can be found in the Student handbook as well as in EleUM.

If a student fails a course, he/she will always get the opportunity to do a re-examination, or re-sit. If you fail a course you are NOT automatically registered for the re-sit, which means you have to register via MY UM. If you register for the re-sit but do not actually go to the re-sit you automatically get a zero for the exam.

It is not allowed to do a resit examination for an educational unit that is already awarded with a pass or a grade 5.5 or higher. As soon as the final grade is published students cannot do a resit for an examination or a partial examination they already passed.

It is extremely important to know that if students want to do a re-exam they have to be present in Maastricht to take part in the re-exam. The re-examinations will NOT be faxed, sent or e-mailed to the home institution in case the student has already returned to his/her home country. Therefore, students might want to check the courses offered in the Course database carefully in order to find courses that have a paper as final exam. However, it is very important for students to check at the start and during  the course whether this method of examination is still valid. Such information can be found in the syllabus. Please understand that the International Relations Office is not responsible for any changes in the examination method, examination schedule, content of the courses and/or other matters pertaining to the courses and exams, and the ensuing problems for students.

On a different note: it is equally important to know that if you still have to take exams of your home university it is NOT possible to take them here in Maastricht. You either go back and take them or you make arrangements to take the exams in your own country before you come to Maastricht. Taking exams at your home university is not an excuse to miss the introduction day.

Note for all Fall students: if you decide to come back to Maastricht to take a re-sit for a course taken in period 2, you have to inform the International Relations Office about this. At the end of the fall semester all students are removed from the Information System for Students. This means that you will not be able to register for the re-sit in March. So, if you wish to come back for the period 2 re-sit please send an email to iro-incoming-sbe@maastrichtuniversity.nl . We will leave you in the system, so you can register for the re-sit.

To find out when and where the exams (re-sits) take place log onto EleUM (http://eleum.unimaas.nl). Exam schedules are published in the week AFTER the exam registration period (see academic calendar)

There are several exam locations. Above mentioned website will tell you which one you have to go to. In the Student Handbook you will see where each one is located in the Maastricht area.

Please note that you are NOT allowed to bring your mobile phone with you to the exam, whether it is switched off or not. You will be barred from the exam location if you do, and you will have to sign up for the re-sit in order to try and pass the course.

Also note that you CANNOT be LATE for the exam, not even one minute. Please check the bus schedule well in advance (remember: if it is a public holiday or if the exam period takes place in a holiday period, the busses may run less frequently. Check this!), or make sure your bike is in working order, or make arrangements for a taxi in advance. Make sure you check the exam site for information on any changes in the exam venue, time or date. This is YOUR responsibility. If you are late (even one minute) you will also be barred from the exam, and you will have to sign up for the re-sit.

Refrain from talking to other students while taking the exam; the supervisors might think you are cheating and may declare your exam/grade to be invalid!

Please bear in mind that you need to be available to take the examinations on working days between 09.00 hrs and 20.00 hrs.