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How to open a Dutch bank account

Opening a Dutch bank account while being on exchange in the Netherlands can be very practical.

Banking in the Netherlands is pretty straightforward. Most banks offer similar quality services and have established online banking to make life easier for customers. We at the Maastricht University have special arrangements made for our students with the ING Bank. Of course you are free to open a bank account at any other bank in The Netherlands.

Upon arrival at the Introduction Day, a special statement from the Maastricht University Student Services Centre will be added to your information package. This statement, together with an offical identification document, are required for opening a bank account at ING Bank.

ING Bank

The fees for opening an ING bank account are a one-time payment of €20 and every 4 months the acount holder is required to pay a fee of €3,75.

The ING is reachable daily from 09.30hrs - 16.00hrs. You do not need to make an appointment.

As soon as you have opened your ING account, please find here the guidelines for using your account.