Universiteit Maastricht

School of Business and Economics

International character

Maastricht University (UM) is a European university with a strong international outlook. Cherishing and stimulating talented people and creating opportunities for innovative education and research relevant to today’s society are our core values.

International crossroads
Its location in Maastricht, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the Netherlands, puts UM at the crossroads of different cultures and in the heart of Europe. The city is known for the Maastricht Treaty, which marked the establishment of the European Union. And at UM, you encounter the spirit of Europe. We recognise the strength in people from a variety of backgrounds joining forces to generate ideas and solve social problems.

Opening up new horizons
In today’s world, issues and problems are too complex to be understood from a narrow perspective. Because of that, we make sure that our education and research programmes are not bound by disciplinary or national frontiers. You are given the scope to develop your own talents and interests within a cooperative international framework. Not only the topics that you study, but the way you study will prepare you to be a leader in the European and global job markets.

Most international university in the Netherlands
Thus, it is no coincidence that UM has evolved into the most international university in the Netherlands. More than half of our master’s students and one-fourth of our academic staff come from outside the Netherlands. And the majority of master’s programmes are taught in English. At the School of Business and Economics, all master’s students can take free languages classes at the Language Centre. In addition, most of the education and research has a strictly international orientation.

Problem-Based Learning
The educational programmes at UM use Problem-Based Learning, which focuses on small groups and informal contacts between students and the academic staff. The combination of this teaching method and an international student population means that you have plenty of opportunities to acquire knowledge and experience from a range of perspectives. All this offers you an international environment in which you study, live and build friendships with other students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.