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Our students are the future of your businesses – it’s key to encourage the development of great international talent and make contact with them early in their careers. Universities rely on external funding to ensure they’re able to keep delivering the best academic start and encourage the development of great international talent.

There are several ways in which you can provide financial assistance to the university. One is to donate to our University Fund; your money can then be earmarked to go directly to the SBE’s Geert Hofstede Fund.

Geert Hofstede Fund

“All great ideas in science, politics and management have travelled from one country to another, and been enriched by foreign influences.”

[Cultural Constraints in Management Theories, Geert Hofstede]

Throughout his distinguished career, Geert Hofstede’s research has focused on studying the impact of cultural differences on organizational processes. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of national and organizational culture research and theory and Professor Emeritus of Organizational Anthropology and International Management at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics.

The Geert Hofstede Fund was created to bring people from different cultures together to develop a deeper understanding of each other and how culture influences who we are, as well as to support research dedicated to exploring how organizations can use cultural differences to create value. The fund’s activities are designed to build a network of people who are committed to responsible international citizenship.

The fund offers grants for students (bachelor, master, PhD) to study economics and business in Maastricht in an international, multicultural environment. The fund also sponsors an endowed chair dedicated to researching the impact of cultural differences on the level of economic development and business practices in and among different countries. Additionally, the fund organizes activities for students and alumni of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics to encourage the appreciation of multicultural interaction.

If you want to donate directly to the fund please follow this link to the University Fund main web page and be sure indicate that your donation is for the Geert Hofstede Fund.

University Fund / SWOL

Our 15,000 students are continually bringing their knowledge, research and skills to companies. In that sense the SBE can also be your university. Your association with us improves your own public image. Companies that finance SBE are able to exchange knowledge with us and educate their own staff. This is a win-win for both parties. You can contact members of the school directly to set up traineeships and research deals.

There are several ways in which you can provide support:

  • Scholarships – many companies offer scholarships to a student from a particular country to study for a particular qualification. These companies are then involved in the selection process for such students, who often go on to conduct research or carry out a traineeships for the company.
  • Endowed Chairs – companies also sponsor endowed chairs for professionals. Again, they may request to sponsor a specific person on a given topic for a certain number of years.
  • Prizes – some companies offer cash prizes to students – for instance, for a thesis on a specific topic.
  • Projects – for particular research projects, interested parties may make funds available for specialist equipment, for example.
  • Donations – of course, regular donations that are unrelated to a specific project or person are also welcome.

If you’d like to sponsor or donate to the School, you can do this via the University Fund (formerly known as the Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs Limburg SWOL). It is an external charitable foundation with its own Board made up of alumni and entrepreneurs. The University Fund will pass your investment directly onto the School's Geert Hofstede Fund.

Keeping in touch with alumni

Our alumni are ambassadors of Maastricht University. Many alumni from the school have gone onto work for large international companies. For instance, within Shell, there is a Maastricht University Alumni group that keeps up regular contact with the School.

Keeping in touch with alumni is a two-way process with benefits for both parties. As an alumnus, maintaining a relationship with the School gives you the capability to attract and retain the best new academic talent to the company in which you now work. Equally, many or our alumni make donations to their former School, recognising its role in today's international business market and helping other young people to be able to enjoy the same education they did.

If you are an alumnus and would like to get in touch with our students e-mail the development & Alumni relations Office at jos.kievits@maastrichtuniversity.nl

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