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European Law School

Master European Law School
The European Law School is a unique one-year English taught programme aimed at offering students a well-informed understanding at an advanced level of the process of the Europeanisation of law. In particular, the programme aims to provide in-depth knowledge of European Union law and the manner in which it affects the national legal order of the Member States. The programme equips students with the tools and skills necessary to successfully compete for positions and participate in a national, European and/or transnational, legal work environment.

The ELS programme comprises two specialisations: European Law and Market Integration and European Public Law and Governance. There is no obligation to follow either one of these specialization; students may opt for a “free track”, which allows them to combine courses of the two specializations. 

The courses are taught by members of the Maastricht Centre for European law (MCEL), which is one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious centres for the study of European Law. Prof. E. Vos and Prof. B. De Witte are the Directors of MCEL.