Universiteit Maastricht

Faculty of Law

Globalisation and Law: specialisation Corporate and Commercial Law

Globalisation is impacting every area of economic, social and technological activity. It is having an enormous influence on international structures, governance and the legal systems of individual nations, posing challenges in all fields of the law. The globalisation of the law is producing a tremendous increase in international and regional regulation, global litigation and cross-border legal dialogue. Whether to serve multinational enterprises or indeed to control and regulate their activity, law firms, governments and international organisations alike are in growing need of lawyers who understand the complexities of globalisation and law.

The Master Globalisation and Law offers a unique one-year English taught programme designed to fill that need. Rather than taking the ‘globalist’ or the ‘anti-globalist’ perspective it teaches you to make up your own mind, to think ahead and to respond quickly to evolving situations.

The confluence of research interests at the Faculty of law creates a unique environment in which to approach the issues not only from the humanitarian perspective but also from the business point of view.

Among the programme’s assets is its small group setting and its very active student body composed of participants from all parts of the world.

The programme offers three specializations: Corporate and Commercial Law, Human Rights and International Trade and Investment Law. As an alternative for picking one of the tracks students are also allowed to combine courses from the three tracks in a so-called ‘free track’.