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Global Health

If you feel challenged by the global impact of health-affecting events like epidemics, natural disasters and inequities in access to health services, you are obviously interested in global health.
If, in addition, you enjoy learning and working in small groups composed of fellow students from different countries and with various educational backgrounds, joining the Master of Science in Global Health is a great opportunity for you.
The master's programme in Global Health is a one-year programme in English which addresses at global scale the complex relationships among health, healthcare, technology, international business, economic development, politics, socio-cultural environment, and management. The programme encompasses a core and electives.

Electives are offered by:

The programme offers both actual and virtual student and faculty exchanges between the participating universities, including residencies for electives at a partner university, online sharing of courses and seminars, with intercontinental teams working on shared assignments, and a two-week Learning Symposium in which all students in the programme gather - possibly in a developing country - to exchange ideas and experiences, and to lay a basis for future collaboration.

In addition to the regular one year programme, Global Health is also offered as a specialization within the Faculty’s two year Master in Health Sciences Research programme. Students with a particular interest in research in the global health field are invited to check the Health Sciences Research Master here