Universiteit Maastricht

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Professors and Associate Professors



Professor Chair
Prof. M. van Asselt Risk Governance
Prof. W. Bijker Technology and Society
Prof. K. Bijsterveld Science, Technology and Modern culture
Prof. T. Blom European Studies
Dr. T. Conzelmann International Relations
Prof. T. Christiansen European Institutional Politics
Prof. L. Cornips Language and Culture in Limburg
Prof. E. Homburg History of Science and Technology
Prof. G.L. Evans Honorary Chair, Cultural and Urban Development
Prof. A. Knotter Comparative Regional History
Prof. S. Koenis Social Philosophy
Prof. A. Labrie Social and Cultural History
Prof. W. Kusters Emeritus, Comparative and Dutch Literature
Prof. V. Mazzucato Globalization and Development
Prof. M. Meijer Emeritus, Women and Gender Studies
Prof.dr. C. Neuhold EU Democratic Governance
Prof. K.K. Patel European and Global History
Prof. Klaartje Peters Local and Regional Governance
Prof. Mark F. Peterson Geert Hofstede Chair on Cultural Diversity
Prof. H. Schmeets Social Statistics
Prof. M. Shackleton European Institutions
Prof. T. Swierstra Philosophy
Prof. R. van de Vall Arts and Media
Prof. S. Vanhoonacker Administrative Governance
Prof. P. Tummers Emeritus, Cultural Sciences
Prof. M. Verkerk Reformational Philosophy
Prof. E. Wesseling Cultural Memory, Gender and Diversity
Prof. R. de Wilde Science and Politics
Prof. S. Wyatt Digital Cultures in Development


Associate professors


Associate professors Field of interest
Dr. U. Brunotte Gender and cultural studies, Masculinity studies
Dr. P. Calje Histories of Universities, Political Culture
Dr. A. Fickers Comparative media history
Dr. A. Hommels History and Sociology of Technology
Dr. A. Kluveld Arts and Culture
Dr. E. Sitzia Cultural Education
Dr. J. Spruyt Philosophy
Dr. G. Verbeeck Modern and Contemporary History - Cultural Memory and Historiography - German Studies - South African Studies
Dr. E. Versluis European regulatory governance
Dr. M. Vink Comparative migration studies
Dr. J. Wachelder Science, arts and popular culture in the 19th and 20th centuries.