Universiteit Maastricht

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Politics and Culture in Europe

Director: Prof. Dr. T. Blom


Since its inception in 2003, Politics and Culture in Europe (PCE) posited itself as an interdisciplinary research programme that seeks to understand and explain the process of European integration and its political, institutional and ideational specifics. The research group meets every four weeks to discuss substantive and methodological topics and questions presented either by PCE members themselves or by colleagues from other universities.

PCE’s focal point: The Public Bureaucracies of a Globalising World

In an attempt to provide a framework for interdisciplinary research and to accommodate the maxim of ‘focus and mass’, PCE has developed a research project – or, focal point. The initial focal point known as Administrative Governance in Europe focused on bureaucratic organisations that are established by sovereign nation states to facilitate trans- and supranational policy coordination and integration, yet have also become politically meaningful actors. Recently, the project’s scope and content have been adjusted. A new focal point on the ‘Administrative Governance of Trans-, Supra- and International Organisations’ was developed, and has been relabelled Public Bureaucracies of a Globalizing World. It encompasses three research themes, each coordinated by a senior staff member. Together with Prof. Dr. T. Blom (general management), they form the management group.

Theme One: Administrative Governance in the European Union and beyond
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. T. Christiansen.

Theme Two: Europe in a globalizing world
Coordinator:  Prof. Dr. S. Vanhoonacker.


Theme Three: Historicizing European union: Forms of European cooperation since the 19th century
Coordinator: Prof. Dr. K. Patel.

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