Universiteit Maastricht

Hotel and catering partners

Thon Hotels

UM Campus Brussels has a partnership with Thon Hotels. Enhance the level of service you offer to your participants by offering the possibility to stay the night at Thon Hotels. You can book a certain number of rooms can in advance. Participants shall use a registration form provided by the hotel to make their room reservation. 

With this procedure your participant is in charge of the guarantee and payment of their room individually by credit card. This method is called a group booking (min 10 rooms)  with individual pick-up.

Through our partnership, all Campus-affiliated parties and event organizers have the opportunity to book a hotel room at Thon Hotels with a 12% discount on the Best Available Rate. To do so, either send an email to Thon Hotels, contact Thon Hotels on phone (+32 2 700 78 78) or book directly through www.thonhotels.be while using our special UM Campus Brussels TH code TH29156873. 

This discount applies for anyone who wishes to use the TH code, meaning your personal contacts may also benefit from our rates, so feel free to share this information. The 5 different Thon Hotels are located in different areas in Brussels, in the EU area (Thon Hotel EU, near metro Maalbeek) in the downtown area (Thon Hotel City Center, near metro Rogier) in the uptown area (Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie, near metro Louise) and near the Airport.

The UM Campus Brussels offers the possibility of tailored catering service at your event. Catering at the Campus can be arranged by an external company which is able to offer standard packages or specific requests. UM Campus Brussels mainly cooperates with Zaventem-based caterer Esstragon, a highly qualified catering company with a wide range of products. Next to the catering opportunities provided by Esstragon, we can also offer a more simple lunch through one of our local catering partners. It is also possible to arrange catering through your own catering partners.

While planning an event at UM Campus Brussels you can indicate your catering wishes on the event form, or contact the UM Campus Staff for more information on catering possibilities.